we help a few founders make a large impact


twice per year - we select a few early startups for our 10-week program


We work closely with the companies--providing industry specific mentors, weekly 1on1s, practice pitch sessions and weekly speakers covering relevant topics. At the end of the 10-weeks, we host a virtual demo day where companies have the opportunity to pitch accredited investors.

Even after the 10-weeks are over, we continue to help the founders overcome roadblocks, get funding and scale effectively.


If a startup fails, it doesn't matter to us. We invest in founders. And we will continue to help that founder with their future ventures. 



our founders in the press

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Joe Steilberg, Founder of Twos (SP22)

"The speakers that OneSixOne Ventures brought in were absolutely world-class and many of them gave us great specific advice for the current stage Twos is at. The weekly check-ins were also really valuable in helping my co-founder Parker & I stay focused on what was most critical at the time."


Rashad Hossain, Founder of Ryze Superfoods (F20)

"The community of founders and investors that OneSixOne has built is incredible. Despite the program being 10-weeks long, I regularly speak with Pablo & Justis almost 2 years later. They have made some introductions for me that have been vital to the growth of Ryze."


Blake Richardson, Co-founder of EaseAlert (S20)

"The two best things about the program for us was connecting with the other founders in our cohort, as well as some of the speakers & mentors that OneSixOne Ventures connected us with -- especially someone like Jeff Hoffman, whom my co-founder and I had the chance to speak with for an hour!"

Plant seeds with us, your future self will thank you

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